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The East Asia Joint Seminars on Statistical Physics (EAJSSP) 2013 is the second of the series of international meetings in the field of statistical physics and soft-matter physics co-organized by working scientists from East Asia, following LinkIconits first meeting in Suzhou, China, in 2012.
The idea of an annual joint seminar series on contemporary topics in the field that rotates in East Asian countries was conceived by several members of this international community during the STATPHYS 24 in Cairns, Australia.
Regular scientific exchanges of this type can play a valuable role in promoting statistical physics as an important academic discipline in the region.
The meeting of this year will feature joint sessions with the JSPS Core-to-Core program, Non-equilibrium dynamics of soft mater and information [Coordinators :S.-i. Sasa (Kyoto, Japan), Hugues Chate CEA-Saclay, France), and H. Loewen (Düsseldorf,Germany) .] (See also LinkIconweb site)

Statistical Physics is an important sub-field of theoretical physics.
Its aim is to elucidate macroscopic laws and relationships obeyed by systems containing a large number of “particles” with known microscopic interactions.
The concepts and methodologies of statistical physics have found wide-ranging applications both within and outside physics.
In recent years, interdisciplinary research in the statistical physics community has contributed significant to theoretical developments in chemistry, biological sciences, information science, economics and finance.

The focus of EAJSSP 2013 will be on recent progress in the studies of nonequilibrium phenomena and soft-condensed matter.
Key results on the fluctuation theorems and nonequilibrium steady-states and their applications to will be reported.
Through intense discussions among participants of the meeting, we hope to strengthen interaction between theoretical, computational and experimental communities working in this area in East Asia.


Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan




Hidetoshi Nishimori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Steering Committee

Hsuan-Yi Chen(National Central University)
Hisao Hayakawa (Kyoto University)
Masayuki Ohzeki (Kyoto University)
Hyunggyu Park(KIAS)
Shin-ichi Sasa (Kyoto University)
Tomohiro Sasamoto (Chiba University)
Kazutaka Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Lei-Han Tang(CSRC/HKBU)
Hal Tasaki (Gakushuin University)

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
JSPS Core-to-Core program "Non-equilibrium dynamics of soft matter and information"